The New STEM Project of Chiliz will Revolutionize the Sports Betting World

Chiliz – The world’s leading blockchain fintech provider for sports & entertainment. Team STEM of Chiliz has announced a new stage in the development that will serve tokens of sports teams trading. STEM is the exchange of tokens of a sports team.

In September, team Stem announced a new stage in developing a platform that will serve tokens of sports teams trading. According to the project roadmap, STEM began development in early 2021 when they demonstrated a prototype and a whole new token mechanism for sports teams.

The project is currently running an ICO campaign, with the construction of the first pilot version set to begin after the first round of funding is completed. By the end of the year, the company expects to deliver a beta version of the project, with the full version following in 2022. 

Project STEM is a Token Exchange of Sports Team Statistics

Project STEM is a cryptocurrency that allows sports fans to trade statistics about their favorite teams. On this platform, each football team has its token. The cost of these tokens is determined by factors such as the team’s game statistics, rating, the cost of the club’s players, and others. The criteria for issuing and pricing the tokens are developed based on this information. The token dynamics are designed so that the more valuable the tokens are, the better the team plays and performs. If the team’s statistics deteriorate, its tokens become more expensive.

This platform competes with traditional sports betting by offering a new, less hazardous option for all fans to participate in sporting events. The project will soon announce the second round of funding and will publish its coin on the exchange.