Play to Earn Blockchain Games – Top 10 Games to Earn Crypto While Playing

Gaming is a part of human culture. As an industry, analysts predict that gaming will generate $218.7 billion in 2024. It affected people’s lives more than we know. Aside from developing games, competing in eSports, buying and selling in-game items, and hosting tournaments can net you millions of dollars.

In the past, gaming attracted the scorn of critics as they claimed that gaming is bad for you. It was frowned upon and considered as a waste of time. However, that belief may be old. Recent studies now show that there are many benefits to gaming.

Research reveals that there are cognitive benefits to gaming. Aside from that, the world health organization (WHO) has also changed its antagonistic stance on gaming. Amid the pandemic, WHO prescribed video games to stop the spread of COVID-19. Add the ability to earn money by playing and now, gaming has more contributions to the global economy aside from video game sales.

Play to Earn Blockchain Games

All technological advancements point gaming to a positive trajectory. With this, the advent of a revolutionary game genre — Play to Earn blockchain games —  was inevitable. Through blockchain, gamers do not have to play full-time or as professionals to earn. All they need is their PCs or mobile devices and their willingness to spend time playing.

Now that you can earn by playing, gamers are inclined to ask which games are likely to give income. There are many blockchain game options out there, but our team picked the top 10 games to earn money while playing.

In this list, our team included games that are already out and games that are still under development but have a lot of potential to become popular on launch.

10. Town Star

Cryptocurrency/Token Used: GALA

From the founder of Zynga and brilliant minds behind the successful FarmVille and Words With Friends, comes the next big thing—Town Star. Developed under Gala Games, Town Star has quickly captured the interests of many gamers especially those who truly loved playing FarmVille way back in 2009.

To play the game, you don’t require an account, however, to go back to your town and earn and receive rewards, you do. The game starts with a player choosing an empty land to own. Strategically, you have to select your land properly and build a town of your own eventually.

The game requires you to complete a six-day cycle, then the world map after this. Not just the world map resets but the player’s achievements as well. Each cycle, the player receives NFTs, GALA tokens, and many more.

In fact, just recently, Town Star launched its Mirandus-themed Town Star Skins that are designed to boost the craftwork and speed in a player’s ‘town’.

The final pack of Mirandus-Themed Town Star Skins are ready, complete with Dragon Voucher 10/10. 🐉

Get yours now at the Gala Games store:

— Gala Games (@GoGalaGames) August 17, 2021

This game is perfect for those who are already masters of Farmville and Words With Friends as this can be easily played like these two.

9. Revomon

Cryptocurrency/Token Used: REVO

Revomon is an online RPG that provides an immersive virtual reality experience using the most innovative technology like in NFTs. With this, Revomon allows players to truly feel the value of blockchain games and the leverage of blockchain technology.

Revomon is now available on the Alpha game version. This means that the experience is heightened, the same thing goes with earning while playing. Currently, the team is working on the next Alpha version 1.2 which will integrate 3D art and NFTs.

Both Echomaus & Radarent are ready to join the #Revomon world in the next alpha version (1.2)🐭⚡️$REVO #animation #3dart #Blender3d #OculusQuest2 #Sidequest #VirtualReality #VR #vrgaming #playtoearn #Play2Earn #NFTs #NFTCommunity #NFTdrop #blockchain

— Revomon (@RevomonVR) August 11, 2021

With several features incorporated, the social aspect, storyline, and competition within the game will be enhanced. Revomon helps players earn cryptocurrency in a safe and secure marketplace. Tokenomics, $REVO, aims to do exactly that — to create a balanced ecosystem of investors, project growth, and game universe.

8. Splinterlands

Cryptocurrency/Token Used: SPS

Next on the list is Splinterlands. With Splinterlands, players can collect cards with various stats and abilities. These cards are used for battle as well, with other players, through skill-based matches.

Integrated with blockchain, Splinterlands allows players to buy, sell, and trade their assets—recorded and immutably. Winning rewards from tournaments, ranked games, and quests allow players to earn easily.


— Splinterlands (@splinterlands) August 12, 2021

In fact, Splinterlands has cross-compatibility with Ethereum, Tron, and WAX blockchains. It also uses Hive crypto wallet that automatically generates your in-game credits upon registering in the game.

7. Sorare

Cryptocurrency/Token Used: SOR, ETH

Football fans will surely love this game. Sorare football-based NFT platform built-in Ethereum blockchain. It is a collectable card game that features football players from across the globe. With these collectables, a player can form a virtual football team and compete against other players in various active leagues.

The game is based on real-life performances; hence, allows a player to create line-ups, choose a captain, and earn points. The collectable cards in Sorare have individual levels of uniqueness and scarcity—Rare, Super Rare, Unique. You can earn weekly prizes by beating Managers and each game to level up and reach divisions.

Recently, Sorare shared that Limited Cards with 1/1000 scarcity will soon be available in the game and boost players’ chances in playing Division 5, Global All-Star football games.


🎥What is @SorareHQ‘s new Limited 1/1000 scarcity? How does it work? 🎥

⛓️🎥I’ve broken it down for new and existing #Sorare managers in the full video here!

— Sorare Guide (@sorare_guide) August 13, 2021

Sorare uses NFT—a player can sell, buy, or trade cards using the ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum.

6. Alien Worlds

Cryptocurrency/Token Used: Trilium, ERC-20/BEP-20/WAX fungible token

Alien Worlds is a rising NFT DeFi metaverse that offers competition and collaboration between players.

In Alien Worlds metaverse, one can run a planet and become Planetary Councils. A player can acquire NFT game cards (Land on Planets, Tools Weapons, Avatars, Minions, and Artifacts), mine Trilium, battle with other players, and complete in-game quests. One must be strategic in choosing, purchasing, and assembling NFTs for their personal gameplay as this can influence the direction of the game entirely.

The cryptocurrency used in Alien Worlds is Trilium in ERC-20/BEP-20/WAX fungible token. This can be used to stake and vote in a certain Planet’s elections and is also distributed to the Federation which is tasked to make a functional Metaversal economy.

5. CryptoBlades

Cryptocurrency/Token Used: SKILL

Cryptoblades is among many NFT RPG games developed by Riveted Games—an award-winning video game developer. With the power of BSC and blockchain, CryptoBlades has become a robust game from which players can reap long-term rewards.

To play CryptoBlades, you would need an internet connection to play on their web-based gaming platform. Firstly, the game implies that a player can control their NFTs (weapons and characters) with the right to sell and trade them in the in-game marketplace. However, each transaction requires a minor fee.

In CryptoBlades, the token used is SKILL. A player gains SKILL tokens whenever they win against their opponent. And since it is an online game, players can expect the fast-paced evolution of the game for it to stay relevant.

Furthermore, players are still encouraged to play the game as it is easy to earn from it.

This is why we got started in #playtoearn in the first place #CryptoBlades is changing lives, and we all get to be a part of it! Join Today! #MVBII #BinanceSmartChain #Ethereum #Crypto #cryptocurrencies #cryptotwitter #NFTcollectibles #NFTs $SKILL

— CryptoBlades (@BladesCrypto) July 21, 2021

4. Lost Relics

Lost Relics is an item-heavy game. It is an Action-Adventure Role-playing Game (ARRP backed by the Ethereum Blockchain. It is one of the most famous and most played NFT games today where players easily win rewards such as gold coins and other blockchain items. Additionally, these items are tradeable in the public market at high prices because of their rarity. In fact, most of these items are rare and exclusive only to Lost Relics.

Many amazing NFT Games have been released now just like
•My Defi Pet •Binemon • Binamon • Mist
• Plants vs Undead •Ethermon •Spider Tanks •Guild of Guardians •Space Misfits •Lost Relics
Can we also know your opinion about these games? or share any NFT games

— imyu|CryptoCamper (@ICryptocamper) July 22, 2021

To play the game, you have to fight monsters, complete quests, invade dungeons, and collect as many rare loots that you can and generate revenues from these. A player can obtain valuable items through Quests, Events, and Encounters.

3. Axie Infinity

Cryptocurrency/Token Used: AXS

Axie Infinity is the game that popularized the term “Play to Earn” and will go down in history as the first game that realized the earn-money-by-playing dream of many gamers.

The game allows users to buy, sell, breed, and trade Axies. These are cute round NFT creatures that have different sets of skills that you can use in battle. Within the game, you can play the Adventure mode or compete with other players in PVP mode. Here, you can earn Smooth Love Potion (SLP) — a cryptocurrency that can be used to breed new axies. You can also convert SLP into fiat through crypto exchanges.

Axie Infinity is the fastest-growing Play to Earn blockchain game at the moment. Right now, the game has 500,000 daily users. It also recently surpassed NBA Top Shot for all-time NFT sales.

The growth of @AxieInfinity is vastly outperforming the market

This week analyze the impressive play-to-earn project. Heads up, it’s mind-blowing🤯

What’s inside?
-Team & Development Activity
-Key Metrics, Growth & TAM
– $AXS Mechanics
-AXS On-chain data

— IntoTheBlock (@intotheblock) August 18, 2021

To complete our list, here are the most anticipated NFT, Play to Earn games that are already established but soon to generate income for players:

2. Illuvium

Cryptocurrency/Token Used: ILV

Illuvium is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Like Axie Infinity, it is a solid gamified DeFi that allows you to earn ETH.

It is a 3D role-playing game with an expected storyline and an open and explorable landscape. The unique thing about Illuvium is the ‘Illuvials’. Each Illuvials features distinct characteristics, artwork, and rigging. Additionally, each has a different rarity with varied powers.

In the game, you battle with other players and you can collect these Illuvials in Shards stored on the blockchain. You can also go to Exchange if you want to trade these Illuvials from other players and watch out for the rare ones like Shiny, Gold, and Holographic captures.

With the launch of Illuvials, players can expect long-term benefits, earnings, and high-level gaming experience like never before.

1/3) We believe in the long-term value of $ILV. To show that we are here for the long haul, Illuvium’s upper management has decided to increase their token lock by an additional two years.

— Illuvium (@illuviumio) August 18, 2021

1. My DeFi Pet

Cryptocurrency/Token Used: DPET

My DeFi Pet may be one of the most promising upcoming NFT games in the present. The game features lots of favourable earning and gaming mechanisms. Likely similar to Axie Infinity, My DeFi Pet also involves breeding, evolving, and battle systems in the NFT features.

The in-game token is DPET—you can use this token to buy-trade pets, upgrade monsters and even unlock their features. Of course, apart from the tokens, you can also learn other rewards from the game.

It feels similar to Farmville since you feed ‘crops’ to the monsters and the graphics are comparable to Dragon City since you can ‘breed monsters’ here as well.

However, as it is still in Beta version, people still can’t maximize the game’s full potential. According to the roadmap of, people can expect additional features like PvP battle, Campaign Mode, Daily Quest, Pet Expedition, Endless Tower, New UI, Sell Cage feature, Skill System for Pets, etc.

For now, play My DeFi Pet to your heart’s content, especially because the team behind it are keen on giving updates on the game. Also, patiently wait for its ‘play to earn’ feature to unlock.

And there you have it!

Our complete list of NFT and Play-To-Earn games that are shaping the blockchain gaming industry today.

Initially, online games were made to give us time to have fun with ourselves or with peers. Today, thanks to blockchain gaming, you can now earn while doing something that you love.

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