izumi Finance To Deploy on Polygon To Support Uniswap V3 Liquidity Mining

izumi Finance is excited to announce that it will deploy on the Polygon scaling network on January 17, 10pm (UTC-5) to support Uniswap V3 Liquidity Mining on Polygon. To enjoy the low-gas environment of the Polygon chain, users can switch to Polygon from the network selector to utilize izumi’s LiquidBox there.

In detail, izumi’s LiquidBox will launch a new joint liquidity Mining program USDT/USDC Pool on Polygon with Yin Finance on Jan 17th at 10pm (UTC-5). The farming rewards will be $iZi+$YIN+ transaction fee and a  total of 720,000 iZi & 90,000 Yin will be provided for the pool. More so users will have to provide liquidity to earn extra rewards.

The LiquidBox will help solve numerous issues such as the increased impermanent losses by investors in both UniSwap V3 mining. As well as the issues encountered due to the classic UniSwap V2 design. By doing so, investors are guaranteed an increase in their earnings and also for projects to effectively pull liquidity with token rewards.

Izumi’s team says it will continue to launch more pools such as iZi/WETH as well as joint liquidity mining program pools. Not only that, but it also plans to deploy on more layer-2 and public blockchains to enable multi-chain (Programmable Liquidity as a Service) for any blockchain project.

Significantly, izumi Finance is the first protocol to support Uniswap V3’s non-homogenous liquidity mining and extend concentrated liquidity service for multi chains. With innovatively designed liquidity mining modules of “ the Concentrated liquidity mining” model for stable assets with a fixed price and the “One-sided non-impermanent loss Mining” model for non-stable tokens, izumi provides “Liquidity as a Service” (LaaS) based on Uniswap V3.

izumi’s structured models would support any blockchain project to better implement liquidity incentives with much higher capital efficiency and enable liquidity providers to earn extra rewards.

Furthermore, the cross-chain ERC-Polygon transfer of the iZi token can be conducted on Jan 17th at 7pm (UTC -5) on BoringDAO. More so, individuals new to izumi LiquidBox’s fixed-range and one-sided liquidity Mining can refer to here for detailed information.