First Bridge Built by MetaBrands Into Avalanche

  • A metaverse resource DAO, MetaBrand offers quick exposure to the top-tier NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), ecosystems based on metaverse and P2E games.
  • MetaBrands have partnered with Pangolin, where a similar long-term perspective is shared by both projects.
  • As of this writing, the native coin of MetaBrands, MAGE, was trending at $0.3423, which was down by 2.2% in 24 hours.

MetaBrands have taken another step forward and have gone deeper into the metaverse, as it has developed its initial bridge into another prominent ecosystem of blockchain, Avalanche(AVAX). The fundamental protocols and foundation of the MetaBrands were released on the Ethereum blockchain. But instead of staying restricted to any specific blockchain, Metaverse looks for opening various portals into various reals through creating bridges, linking various games, platforms, ecosystems to escalate utilization, access, and the eventual unification of communities and projects.

MetaBrands is a Metaverse Resource DAO where a quick exposure is offered towards the top tier NFTs, P2E games, and ecosystems of the metaverse. Mage Relic NFTs and MAGE token holders are granted the highest degree of advantages, contribution, and participation in both, inside the ecosystem of MetaBrands as well as the other connected ecosystems.

Avalanche network is the quickest platform for smart contracts in the blockchain sector, measured by the finality time, and contains most verifiers, safeguarding its activity of any PoS protocol.

Listing and Partnership on Pangolin

MetaBrands recently joined hands with Pangolin, where both the projects have a similar long-term perspective and strategies to integrate the attempts to escalate exposure to GameFi and the Avalanche ecosystem’s experience. With the following partnership, Pangolin and MetaBrands will contribute tokens (PNG and MAGE) to DeFi and DEX participants to farm.

🧙‍♂️ New Partnership 🧙‍♀️

🔮 MetaBrands + @pangolindex

✨$MAGE is now trading on Pangolin DEX!

Trade Here:

Learn More:— MetaBrands 🧙‍♂️ (@MetaBrandsio) January 11, 2022

MetaBrands will be accessible on the Avalanche Network to trade on Pangolin. Any enlisted assets on Pangolin can be swapped or traded in exchange for MAGE tokens.

The partnership of MetaBrands with Pangolin will offer farming to the users of Pangolin so that they can earn MAGE tokens additionally. A total of 100,000 MAGE Tokens will be accessible via the program for a time span of 1 month.

The Bridge(Ethereum to Avalanche)

MAGE token is now accessible for utilizing and bridging on the network of Avalanche, with the assistance of Multiswap. MAGE token is now allowed to share the advantages of the Avalanche, offering the users more access to the Avalanche Network and reduced transaction fees.

As AVAX is utterly compatible with tooling, applications, and assets of Ethereum with swift speeds, increased throughput, and lesser fees, meaning it’s simple to swap back and forth among the networks and receive benefits of both the ecosystems without downloading fresh wallets and learning new infrastructures.

Source: Multichain/AnySwap Bridge for Mage

Finally, as per Metabrand’s DAO Advisor YuurinBee, the organization is excited to extend into the ecosystem of Avalanche and to create long-lasting and optimistic relations with various realms. The whole MetaBrands premise is seeking paths for opening portals and to build the bridges with other projects, ecosystems, and brands for the creation of mutual value for all the involving parties.

As of this writing, MAGE was down by 2.2% in 24 hours, having a market price of $0.3423.