AMD Says It Does Not Prioritize Crypto Miners While Making Products

Amid the ongoing graphics cards shortage, American semiconductor company AMD has denied claims of favoring crypto miners. The latest comments come at the heels of a recent leak showing an alleged Navi 21-based RDNA 2 cryptocurrency mining card.

AMD Denies Prioritizing Crypto Miners Over Gamers

Last week, AMD refuted allegations of ignoring its regular customers in favor of selling cards to crypto miners. 

During an interview at Deutsche Bank’s 2021 Technology Conference, AMD CFO Devinder Kumar pointed out that the demand for crypto mining-focused cards is “negligible.”“That’s not a priority for us. We do not prioritize our product or make them for the crypto folks, it is more for the gamers and that’s a high priority from that standpoint.”

Kumar added that last year’s release of the Radeon 6000 series high-end GPUs was a key driver of the company’s growth. He noted that higher-end gaming and consumer products still commanded better average selling prices. Therefore, there is enough motivation to give priority to these products.

Many customers were speculating a change in AMD’s strategy after leaks from Vietnam showed a new mining-focused graphics card from the company. These speculations were also fuelled by hardware surveys on the gaming marketplace Steam that represented a gap between GeForce and Radeon ownership. 

Notably, AMD has refused to integrate a hash rate limiter in its Radeon RX 6000 series. As per AMD Director of Product Management Nish Neelalojanan, the new units “will not be blocking any workload.”

Shortage Issues Will Ease Up By 2022

At present, both Nvidia and AMD are struggling to meet the demand for the latest GPUs. This situation has been exacerbated by the pandemic and scalpers, who charge hefty prices for these cards.

Nevertheless, Kumar believes that the supply situation is getting better and could improve significantly by the next year.“As there has been the realization that this demand is for real and there are customers demanding the technology and the products in particular where the competitiveness of the products is there, it continues to get better and even from our standpoint, as we get to 2022 and look at all partners across the board, the supply situation continues to get better,” he said.